Dead Dog in a Suitcase – Warwick Arts Centre

I was intrigued by the possibility to see a performance by Kneehigh because they are known for their outlandish, fast-paced style. We could see the set before the show started which I liked because it breaks the fourth wall allowing us into the character’s world. The set was like a playground with slides and levels that made it easy for the story to change from setting to setting. I like versatile set because it aids the actors rather than distracting from the action. There was no protagonist which I liked because actors would switch between characters all the time as well. They would change costume and start playing and instrument whilst something else was happening on another part of the stage. This mix of dance, physical movement, singing, instrumentals and puppetry meant there was never a dull moment on stage which is a good way to keep the audience engaged.dead dog in a suitcase