Costume Construction

This week we have been learning costume making skills in order to make a 16th century medieval jerkin. We took measurements of our model and drew up a basic block pattern which we then had to alter to make it appropriate for the time period and to fit our model well. I have followed patterns before and made clothes, but I found the task challenging because I had to draw out the pattern myself and really on my measurements being accurate, considering grainlines and seam allowances.

pattern laying and cutting:

I enjoyed the sewing machine work but my weakness was hand stitching. I sometimes find it difficult to hand sew in the same way as the instructions as I am left-handed so hand sewing is something I want to improve on.


The finished garment looked neat and crisp and although I am pleased with it, it would look much better if it was broken down to look like it is an authentic, worker’s jerkin from the 16th century. Bruegel’s paintings are a great example of how the jerkin would have been worn as shown in his painting ‘The Wedding Dance’, 1566.