Lighting – Session 1 & 2

Session 1

In our first lighting session we were introduced to different types of lights such as fresnels and profiles and in our groups we rigged up lights on a stand, focussing the lights and using a dimmer to make the light brighter and darker. The week before I had a day’s work experience helping rig lights from a production of Volpone at The Cockpit Theatre in London, where the lights were mainly lit with yellow and blue gels from above. I learnt a lot that day but it was interesting to work with lights on stands at this session.

  1. Washer
  2. Spigot
  3. Wing nut
  4. Spanner to fix the spigot, washer and bolt to the light

Once we had set up a light we played around with lighting the actor by angling, focussing and changing the dimmer. We looked at how to make light naturalistic and non-naturalistic.

  1. Back lighting – put the actor’s face in the dark and create a shadow, perhaps appropriate for an ominous,  non-naturalistic scene
  2. Front lit – Bright on the actors’ faces, perhaps creates good daylight, naturalistic.

Session 2 – Colour

We began to test different gels to see what they would do to the lights. It was challenging to get the profile light on a stand to light the actor without being too bright on their face.

I thought the green light was too harsh on the actor’s face even when it was dimmed down. I liked the blue lighting because it highlighted the actor’s expression and complimented the pose rather than distracting.

We also tried out LED lights which I liked because you can pick whatever colour you want rather than having to cut out the right gel.