Lighting – Session 3 & 4

Session 3 – Scenes

In this session we looked more closely at the context of the scene. For example we considered:

  • Time of day
  • Season/ Weather
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • What/where are the sources of light

We were given different scenarios to explore, creating lighting for particular scenes.

Challenge 1: A moonlit night

I’m really happy with the concept we came up with. Going along with the traditional blue lighting used in film and theatre to represent light we used a blue gel through 1 LED Profile light. Then we used a cloud gobo to create the misty effect, projecting white light through. Finally an iris created the moon, which is fitted into the light like a gobo and creates a circle shape that can be adjusted bigger and smaller. I think this small moon is best because its a focus point amongst the night sky.

Challenge 2: An Office, Film Noir

This task was harder in some ways because we had a style as well as a scenario but because it was ‘film noir’ it limited us to black and white and so it made it easier. We could concentrate on making the scene really effective using shadows and back lighting. Think ‘Brief Encounter’!

We set up a profile on a stand and used a gobo of a window that looked like it could be in an old office. We then used floor lighting to back light the actor and a fresnel on the bars to counter balance it so that we could see some of her face and to increase the shadows.

Session 4 – Hamlet

We began looking at extracts of Hamlet so that we could apply our lighting knowledge to an actual script and one that we will be studying next term.


  • 10 x lighting channels
  • 12 x lanterns (4 x types of lantern)
  • 3 x gobos
  • 4 x colour of gel
  • 2 x floor plates
  • 5 x programmed lighting states

My group looked at Scene 3 ‘A room in Polonius’ house’ and Scene 4’The Platform’

We wanted Scene 3 to be yellow and hazy as if morning had just broken because of clues in the text such as ‘A violet in the youth of primy nature’ and ‘in the morn and liquid dew of youth’. We used an LED Profile with a programmed yellow gel and placed a gobo of a window in front. We then used a floor light (floor plate) with a warmer yellow to create the feeling of sun rising or perhaps a fire.


window gobo

We could easily change the LED Profile light to blue for scene 4 to create the feeling of night and we re-used the cloud gobo from the last session to create a misty, cold feeling with a white profile light.

‘The air bites shrewdly; it is very cold.’ – weather

‘I think it lacks of twelve’ – time frame

We also used a fresnel with a blue gel hanging from the bars to create a better intensity on stage from all angles.

The above photos show the morning, yellow lighting concept we created for Scene 3 and the night time, bluey, cloudy lighting concept we came up with for Scene 4. We placed an armchair in the scene, dressed in tartan scarves to give the scene further context which I think worked really well given our limited time and resources.