Scenic Arts

I was excited about scenic arts week because I worked at a scenic arts and construction company for 6 months last year and so I was excited to pick up a paint brush again!

Our project was ‘Urban Decay’. We had to scale up a 1:25 image of a graffitied wall onto a 6×3 metre canvas as well as making a piece of brick wall. We primed the two canvases white and then split into two groups and within that group we had a section to scale up. I liked my section because it was a mixture of brickwork/simple colours at the top and bold, fun graffitied letters at the bottom.

I used my scale ruler and tape measure to scale up my section, marking out with pencil and charcoal firstly then a brown painted outline. I really enjoyed building up the ‘sup’ and ‘noke’ lettering and then distressing them with paint marks and sandpaper to give them a graffitied feel.

It was challenging working alongside so many people, not only because of liIMG_5545mited space but because we had to work as a team to carefully match up colours and lines from section to section. I think at first everyone began the project working alone but gradually throughout the week we realised the importance of collaborating to make the canvas work as a whole.

To create the brick walls we split pieces of MDF in half using scrapers and Stanley knifIMG_5530es then placed them on a board to create a brick pattern. After sticking these down we covered the board in idenden to fill in gaps and create interesting wall texture or mortar lines and then primed it black. We then used rollers to paint the walls in varying browns and oranges (a mix of burnt sienna, raw umber etc.). I enjoyed creating beige mortar lines and detailing areas to distress and suggest they had been re-pointed.


Here is our final presentation at the end of the week. We drilled all of the separate brick walls together to appear as one. The canvas on the left is my groups and I was really happy with the results.