Construct The Moment

During our first week of the project ‘Construct The Moment’ we had to choose a design idea from last term’s model making project for ‘The Thrill of Love’. We looked carefully at the model boxes of the 5 members in my group, picking up on favourite aspects and chose Ruby’s design of a Record player (containing a prison cell) and Gramophone.

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The chosen design was complicated because of it’s large scale and angles and so we had to look closely at our materials budget.

  • 50 mtrs of 3X1 (Gramophone frame)
  • 4 x 8×4 sheets of 6mm MDF (sides of record player, prison bars)
  • 5m x 2.5 mtrs wide scenic canvas (gramophone material)

In order to stay within our materials allowance the design was re-scaled down and so 2 members of the group took on roles re-designing using autocad whilst the others researched materials and breakdown ideas in preparation for the painting process such as types of wood grain and concrete.

The Gramophone was our first challenge. image1

We needed 18 x 2000m for the sides and then 9 x 309m for the smaller end and 9 x 618m for the larger end (as well as a supportive bracket in the middle). The greatest challenge was creating an angle so that the wood would sit flushe12822609_10153624707239139_893530758_od and we could stretch canvas over easily. We set an adjustable set square to 18 degrees in order to cut the angle.

I enjoyed using the drills to
fix the frames together especially once we got into a routine. We fixed some scrap wood to a frame and jig-sawed down the sides to create the 10th section, the walkway on Ruby’s design so that an actor could walk from the back to the front of the gramophone.

The Jigsaw is also the tool we used to cut out the bars in MDF as shown above.

We then clamped and bolted the Gramophone frames together to make sure they fitted well and then marked them numerically so that after the next stage (canvassing) we could put them back together in the same order. It felt great to see the Gramophone taking shape.