Construct the Moment – Let’s Paint!

Week 2 – Tests/samples

Even though we still have a lot of construction to do we wanted to start to learn and apply some painting techniques to our work.

The record played was designed to be wood grained, on the top underneath the record and the two sides however we had to establish what type of wood we wanted. As the designer, Ruby told us she had considered Mahogany and after collecting reference images we decided as a group that the dark, rich tones of Mahogany would complement the 1950’s style record player and bold Gramophone head.

We mixed burnt sienna, leather lake and white paint to create a prime for our wood grain. At the same time we look at priming the canvas used for the Gramophone and as advised by the scenic artist Sandra, we mixed spectrum red with white to create a magenta pink which would stop the overlay of red paint looking dull. Below are pictures of our testers which we dried using a heat gun to minimise waiting time.

We played around with colours to drag on top of the prime but raw umber mixed with black was the most similar to dark mahogany tones. We dragged the paint on using a mixture of wet brushes and dry to take away and reapply paint until the grain began to build up.We also applied the spectrum red colour to the primed magenta canvas. The section on the left is hand painted and on the right with a spray gun. We wanted to compare the effects but agreed that the spray gun gave a much more even spread of colour whereas hand done made it appear flat.