Construct the moment – Paint/make

Now we had our frames and our tested paint colours the next step was to staple canvas to the frames so that they could be primed.

We used an airhose and staple gun to attach the canvas to the frame, whilst the workmates supported the weight of the frame. We stapled one edge, pulling the canvas taut and then moved diagonally to get an even spread of the staples and tautness.

As 3 members of the group stapled, 2 people primed the canvasses with rollers. We tried to get an even layer of paint and dried it with a heat gun so we wouldn’t have to wait long to paint them red. The painters also primed and glossed the two steel decks and the two 8×4 MDF pieces being used at the side of the record player.

12822739_10153624709239139_2081524779_o12675103_10153624709169139_2055509351_o-Painting and glossing the steel decks/8×4.

Priming the canvassed -frames





I had used a spray gun before at a previous place of work and so it was great fun spraying the canvasses red. Although it was very challenging to grade the colour as we wanted the inside of the gramophone to be darker and gradually getting lighter towards the opening. It was also challenging because each piece was separate when I painted it but need to work as a whole when fixed together.


We all had a go at wood graining, and created a panelled border so that the wood would look more like an engraved record player.

Below are photos showing how we marked out borders with masking tape before wood graining. We wanted to make the middle border patterned and looked at some trompe l’oeil reference.