CTM- Fit up week!

We had five days to get everything finished for the presentation and suddenly list making was our best friend!

We still had to make a record and so 2 people went into the workshop and cut a the circular shape out of MDF using the diameter of a steel deck as a guide.The used a nailed piece of wood to create the grooves in it and then we used ‘idenden’ to create texture on the record and the bars and painted them black.

We used gloss to make the record look shiny but we wanted to bars to look rusty and weathered. Using reference images Lizzie sprayed the bars a silvery grey and then hand painted rusty red/oranges in patches along the bars, building up texture when the idenden was prominent.


rusted metal reference


the wooden bars painted to look like rusty metal

We used an image from the original His Master’s Voice record player to create a stencil for our trompe l’oeil design. I drew out a design and then copied it in a row and cut it out with a scalpel.

Ruby and Becky painted the design on using a yellowy, leather lake base and building it up with highlights to create light hitting it, using white paint. Finally they used paynes grey, a dark blue colour to darken it and then lines of raw umber to blend it into the background wood grain.

After putting the gramophone up it was obvious we needed to further build up colour and shade it in order to disguise the join between the lipping and the frame edge. So I mixed paynes grey with the original spectrum red and sprayed around the scalloped edges and down the joins. Reference images were really helpful for this.

After the Gramophone had been sprayed into I felt like the project was really coming together because it was a very large and challenging piece of work to create.