CTM – finishing touches

12874294_1293124710701385_992588279_oThere’s always those things that are the finishing touches that make a piece work. With everything wood grained and the bars attached at the front we needed to paint the floor at the front to look like concrete in the prison cell and blend it in with the surrounding black floor.

We also started to dress the set by getting out the camp bed we were usi12443718_1293124757368047_1287789404_ong as the prison bed and covering it in sheets and grey colours. Then a trip to the props store was needed to make it all look realistic.

We also created and printed a Billie Holiday cover to stick in the middle of the record which instantly drew attention to it.


Dressing the prison with books, newspaper clippings, a bucket.


The Billie Holiday Cover


The Gramophone dressed on the walkway with Red shoes and bottles to suggest Ruth’s presence.