Photoshop skills

Photoshop is something I have always wanted to get to grips with. I love the things it can produce but have always found it hard to navigate and so this term I was determined to give it a go! 

Above is my first attempt. I started to understand using layers the more I played around and spent time on photoshop. I enjoyed changing the projection screen to explore different ideas, for example black and white or hue/saturation tools.

I inserted figures after using the quick selection tool to cut out there bodies from the given background. I chose people wearing Georgio Armani suits to go with my developing formal, modern costumes.

Act 1:1

Act 1:3

Act 4:5

Act 5:1
Above are my developed photoshop storyboards to help support my body of sketchbook work. I played around with different sizes of rings and appropriate projections for each scene. For example for act 1:3, I made the projection willow as Ophelia eventually drowns by the willow that ‘grows aslant a brook’ and so it gave the stage a foreboding feel yet the hues are purple and yellow to show the warmth of day at Polonius’ house and the facade of happiness.

Photoshop has been a great way to develop my work, express my modern concept and create a more professional body of work. I hope to push my skills further next time so that my storyboard best shows my style of work.